Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Big Announcement! | orlando boudoir photography

As most of you know, I am expecting a baby any day now!  Because of this I have a couple announcements I'd like to make.  

First of all, I will be on vacation from sessions until October.  My family is so very important to me and I want to spend every minute with my little baby girl that I can before the holidays come into full swing.  I will still be available to book sessions and answer any questions you may have so please don't hesitate to contact us! 

Second of all ... and the more exciting part ... we have a new session available for you girls!!!!!

This is not your typical boudoir session that takes place in a studio, your home or hotel room.  We have been planning and designing this special session for months and have come up with the perfect way for you to experience boudoir in a new fashion!  

What's different about this session?  It takes place outdoors, at a location of your choice, or one we have available for you.  You can wear whatever you want, from lingerie to jeans and a sexy shirt, it's up to you!  You can also decide if you want to have your hair and make-up done, or if you prefer to do it yourself.  But, what hasn't changed is the time and detail we put into our sessions...What hasn't changed is the attention we give to you to make you feel comfortable and super sexy!

We will be booking these sessions beginning in October, so contact us now to get more information and reserve your spot!  It's going to fill up fast!

And as always, thank you for being such wonderful friends, fans and clients!  We wouldn't be where we are today without every one of you!

Love, Jess

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kiss My Mistletoe | orlando boudoir photography

We always have so much fun with our girls. And yes, when you have your boudoir photos done with us, you become one of ours! We claim you! =) This particular girl has a super bubbly personality and brought along a few props that we had never tried before.  We just love new props!

Here's what she had to say about her session:

1. How did you feel before you arrived at the studio?
I was nervous.

2. What was going through your mind during your session?
It was a little awkward in the beginning, but as the shoot progressed I felt more comfortable and relaxed!

3. How did you feel when you left that day?
Awesome! I wish I was going out somewhere after!

4. When you saw your photos, what were you thinking?
Holy crap, That is so not me! Wow, I look like a model! I have no stretch marks, that is amazing!!

5. Please describe your overall experience with us:
This was one the best ideas my husband has come up with! Jessica and Rachel made it so much fun, while keeping it very professional! It was a blast and I wish I could have stayed longer!!

6. Is there anything else you would like to include about your Little Black Portraits experience?
I would recommend having pictures done because it gives you a boost in confidence! I am so proud of my pictures! If I ever need my hair and make up done, I’m calling Rachel!!

Rachel and I are so very glad that you enjoyed your session so much!  Thank you so much for the kind words!  And thank you for allowing us to share a few of your photos!  We truly appreciate it!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Annette | orlando boudoir photography

Good morning and welcome to our very first video interview. Rachel and I hope that hearing our latest client, the beautiful Annette, talk about her session with us will give all of you ladies a better idea of just how much fun ... and life changing ... the experience we give you at Little Black Portraits can be!

Annette, a Little Black Portraits Interview

Annette is scheduled to view her photos this afternoon so check back soon to hear her thoughts on how they turned out!

A special note to Annette:  Thank you so very much for allowing us to not only take your photos, but also try out new things on you, including this video!  We had such a great time during your session and feel so very lucky that you would allow us to share it with everyone!  Can't wait to see you this afternoon!